Republic of China

Pro ty, co nedodržují pravidla. (Court)

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Republic of China

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The examination monitors situation of the model of instrument, appearance, equipment and norms and calibrating, desired result. The method of the analysis that monitor that buy composite deck online direct the examination uses and water quality monitor a record. If be necessary,can undertake the spot is monitored or sampling. Check rain corrupt, corrupt corrupt billabong circumstance,

whether is examination blowdown unit executed clear corrupt billabong, rain corrupt billabong Lash-up of accident liquid waste deals with establishment The lash-up of 8 foot high fence panels accident liquid waste that checks blowdown company deals with establishment is complete, the liquid waste that whether can ensure pair of generation when producing environmental contamination accident is carried out hold back, keep in storage and processing.

Break the law violate compasses punishment: Water pollution of People's Republic of China prevents and cure The 75th: Install sewage draining exit inside groove guard of recycle plastic composite pallet supplier malaysia drinking water fountainhead, instruct deadline to demolish by government of people of place of prefectural class above, be in 100 thousand yuan of above 500 thousand yuan of the following amerce;

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