relevant examine and approve

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relevant examine and approve

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make sure item-by-item is rectified and reform, advance steadily, Thorough is checked! 100 thousand messy corrupt the enterprise will be fathered to hit! Aggrandizement superintend anti slip tile treatment and director is checked since spreading out, "Messy corrupt " problem enterprise is key exposure object all the time. According to environmental protection ministry late on June 8 bulletin shows,

check a circumstance to look from the aggrandizement superintend and director of two months, "Messy corrupt " the issue is most outstanding, superintend and director checks group of examinations to give 4703 " messy corrupt " problem enterprise, 36.6% what take fish environment issue. According to media coverage, "Messy v corrupt " the enterprise is considered as to not agree with normally combine industrial policy, do not accord with local industry position to plan, did not deal with all sorts of relevant examine and approve formalities,

cannot stabilize the industry that amounts to mark to discharge. Understand commonly, namely " black door " , distributing the business with messy, serious pollution. Coverage of plastic tiles for outside parking media of cite of date of public of small letter of environmental protection department says, the personage inside course of study estimates, area " messy corrupt " the amount of the enterprise, the likelihood is as high as tens of 10 thousand,

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