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Pro ty, co nedodržují pravidla. (Court)

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businesses presence

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Association is numerous the key accelerates a vice-chairman innovation of science and technology, introduced the topic for discussion such as business management of advanced production concept, aggrandizement and normative industry development to spread out to development communicates and discuss ardently. The conference pinterest fences made from pallets accomplished each agenda satisfactorily, personage attending the meeting still looks around inspected company of Suzhou Su Fuma to produce production spot,

meeting hind visited industry of tool of trigger of Jiangsu part man-made. Environmental protection ministry: Company of 3 timber estate for many times a paper strip for sealing of tear to shreds violates compasses production According to bulletin of environmental protection ministry, on June 18, 28 superintend and director patent composite decking board are checked group check 501 companies in all (unit) , discover problem of environment of 259 businesses presence. In the enterprise of existence problem, belong to " messy corrupt " 91 of problem enterprise,

did not install pollution to administer 14 of establishment, treat corrupt 16 when establishment moves out of order, put in volatile organic matter (VOCs) 59 when administer a problem. latitude railing cost review Environmental protection ministry introduces, near future superintend and director checks discovery, Shandongg Among them Shandong saves Yin Chengmu job of county of city of a surname of He lustre city limited company, circle in the air Zuo timber industry industry of timber of limited company,

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