enhanced wood floor

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enhanced wood floor

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There are four kinds of wear-resistant layers in the market today: the floor of the 30g content of square meters is about 30 g per square meter, the wear resistance of the floor is about 4000.The wear resistance of the content of 38g is about 5000.
The wear resistance of the content of 44g is about 9000.The wear resistance of the content of 18000 is about 18000.Free formaldehyde content enhanced wood floor in the adhesive containing a certain amount of formaldehyde, excessive formaldehyde to the human body,
if the long-term in the high concentration of formaldehyde, the risk of cancer.China has issued a mandatory standard for the concentration of formaldehyde in public places, which is not more than 0.12mg / m3.The method of strengthening wood floor is used in the country,
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