plank of the production

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plank of the production

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Pi state city and Linyi join a group, xu Yongzhen is the Party committee secretary that port of swallow of Pi state city presses down, he is those who make an on-the-spot investigation fall to look around to this enterprise in the recommend of a friend. The soja albumen glue that the glue sticky agent that the company of this plate easy install diy patio tiles production that Xu Yongzhen researchs uses is production of limited company of data of environmental protection of Shandong green place, without formaldehyde, and glue sticky agent is plywood material the crucial raw material in production.

As we have learned, although the board industry dimensions of Pi state city is giant, crop and export volume are in home all can be counted on one's fingers, but the plank of the production pre assembled no dig garden fences before this divides a few high end besides, it is the building uses pattern plate for the most part, too tall to producing character to measure a requirement not to calculate.

Before a few years of bldg. are prosperous, pattern plate market is good, nurturance of a lot of bosses inert, plus employer of major plate industry it is local villager build up,use composite decking on ground as patio look up sex is not worth before, change without what pay attention to a product, the symptom that appeared to fall behind in recent years, some enterprises the profit of a piece of plank is only 1 yuan, this makes the leaders of Pi state city very anxious.

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