investigation lumber and wood

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investigation lumber and wood

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Form a complete set circulates in content, area of Hua Na of group development layout is main haven, network of content shedding form a complete set is very perfect, can solve a client to be carried in the entrance, Qing Dynasty closes, carry and storage deserves to send one-stop service. On financial service, the group can supply the composite and wood decking sale in italy downstream client demand, provides major finance on catenary to serve to be answered quickly. Be based on afore-mentioned a few consideration,

current association decision is in Chinese lumber and wood special fast group creates Guangdong agency. Association chairman Liu Nengwen expresses, hua Na market comes to the influence of countrywide lumber market close great, guangdong regards Huanade as market of area timber estate most wooden area, establish Guangdong agency stone panels exterior residential to have long-term strategic sense here. At the same time he still discloses, of Guangdong agency establish main assistance association begins professional work of statistic of industry of Hua Na region,

collect, investigation lumber and wood industry are basic circumstance and pertinent information; and be reformed through data delibrate lumber and wood company and develop way, the improvement of industry of market of the estate that it is wood and development offer a proposal. Next, what head a company as lumber domain is special fast composite wood floor from hong kong group can organize member company to participate in formulate, edit, of all kinds guild regulations, travel restricts trade of executive one's own profession,

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