strengthen the quality of wood flooring

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strengthen the quality of wood flooring

Příspěvekod qianyuqianxun » 19 čer 2017 09:22

Made of chalced wood, furniture, furniture, etc., which is the conservation of national resources and effective use. Competition to enter the service level at the end of 2006, the National Forest Products Industry Association flooring professional committee and the Consumer Association of China Consumer Guide Working Committee were solicited the elephant,
Shengda, Hong resistance, Rhine sunshine, Feilinger, Ruijia, nature Flooring industry leader and raw materials factory and the views of the United States and the summer, jointly issued the "China to strengthen the quality of wood flooring white paper." This marks the overall quality of the flooring industry in 2007 to further enhance.
The flooring industry in the focus on product quality at the same time began to intensify efforts around the quality of service efforts. Floor products are semi-finished products, the industry has "30% of products, 70% pavement" argument, companies began to compete from the previous product quality competition to service competition.
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