pupil content safety prevents

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pupil content safety prevents

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2 it is to develop a nation pupil content safety prevents the construction that controls capacity. Strengthen " analysis of epidemic situation risk, spot checks skill, follow-up supervisory management " 3 ability construction, build " send quick check quickly " business contact mechanism and combination check a mechanism,build a round deck pictures raise harmful biologic check goes out rate.

Intercepted and capture evil living things from inside entering condition log 2016 nearly 300 kinds make an appointment with 20000 kinds second, occupy Shenzhen port to intercept and capture harmful biologic into condition log 98.9% . Among them 4 spot grow armour of a hopeless case to wait for 12 kinds to be intercepted and installing composite decking garden in uk capture first for countrywide port, wireworm of Anthony umbrella slippery blade 7 kinds are intercepted and capture first for Shenzhen port.

3 it is aggrandizement the application that to the enterprise sincere letter runs a system. Sincere fuse manage assesses the company that collect a letter grade, according to the principle that the risk can accuse, the business with abide by the law to abide by discipline, good reputation is reduced check scale, the enterprise outdoor decorative composite panels that violates difference of grade of compasses, credit to appearing is increased prove strength, farther standard imports former akebi to involve an environment, optimize log to import the supervisory management of the enterprise.

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