Partial new plant

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Partial new plant

Příspěvekod qianyuqianxun » 19 kvě 2017 08:34

the factory is not easy, and row and cherish! Partial new plant is raising, quantity can not good, price difficult above is moved, circumstances still austere. Lumber price moves area of Fujian Pu cropland again, makings doing a mouth does not have interest already, but turn furniture makings, zhangzhou harbor has hair hemlock to anticipate, one disaster after another of Pu cropland market! Anyhow a word, prices too cruel person, one did not make the same score to rise again, great river east go, billow is cleaned out, thousand ancient talented person, green hill is in as before, a few degrees of the setting sun are red!

Although always export a quantity to do not have too big change, but destination arrives graceful the shipment volume of the staple market of graceful area drops somewhat. Now year up to now, more lumber already carried past Asia and European market. In Swedish lumber lumber of Finland of summary prep above exports the average price of the price to fall, finland and Sweden are in in respect of lumber export price mutual view and emulate.

System of drying of set complete set basically is comprised by 5 main module, it is to heat respectively system, add wet system, platoon wet system, control system, fan system to wait, add heat to reclaim system, can offer integral solution for lumber drying room. The reporter is in from controller of room of Chengdu lumber drying be informed, since workshop since using fragrance Buddhist nun to overcome drying of at present lumber to heat up pump, according to outfit material 10 cubic metre / 8 days / specific power consumption 90 yuan / cubic computation, fall by 40% moisture content 10% . "composite fence disadvantage,buy plastic cladding for houses south australia,adirondack chairs composite easy maintenance"

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