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range of products

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2017, love case will release newest facing range of products formally, the product suits to make industry of natural life, city, handiwork make wait for 9 gale case. Beijing luck loves case to decorate Zhong Gongwen of president of data limited company to express formerly, formaldehyde of super E0 plank releases love case on average the quantity is under 0.2mg/L, social estate of the most severe than Japan star of F4 of formaldehyde set limit to is even small, use such product nature for a long time more healthy safer.

It is reported, love check founded 1961 at Europe, company headquarters is located in Austria to carry testament of collect Er city to writing brush, already had 50 old histories up to now, 17 production base is had in Europe. Regard Europe as manufacturer of banner woodiness foundation board, its manufacture a technology advancedly, the woodiness product of high quality environmental protection, the design and color that achieves formerly and grain are designed, leading international the style of household, love case is certain " more creation, come from lumber " .

Be based on admirable outstanding achievement and independent character, the company was obtained in global limits can develop continuously, with natural but second birth raw material -- lumber, offer product of all-around environmental protection woodiness for the client inside global limits. "correct deck deck materials,hardwood flooring store,building a deck around soft sided pool"

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