the floor before the laying of

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the floor before the laying of

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After laying the keel should be flat and solid 3, the use of plywood (thick plywood) laying, the plywood thickness of more than 9MM, plywood is best to use anti-corrosion paint for anti-corrosion treatment. Plywood saw into the size of 60CMx120CM; between the plywood and plywood stay around 20MM gap,
and nailed to the ground. Laying the preparation of the floor before the laying of a recognized, six not shop: laying workers in the construction should be detailed before the laying process, must be approved by the user before construction. If the following circumstances do not construction, but with the user to explain clearly and clarify the reasons:
1) the ground is not dry (wet), not clean, no construction; 2) the surrounding environment of termites, no construction; 3) Mixed operation, no construction;4) with poor quality, pollution, moisture, easy materials for keel, accessories, etc., not construction; 5) construction period is too short.
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