the quality of floor praise and love

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the quality of floor praise and love

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In the end, Ni Ping for Yongji floor strength and sincere touched, with her words, "choose a brand, I am very careful, but also done a lot of study, I Yongji floor full of confidence", "I am very optimistic Yongji's product quality is excellent, brand professional, service integrity, market sales, optimistic about Yongji Wood can be bigger and stronger.
"In order to be responsible to consumers, even after the endorsement Yongji floor, Ni Ping still go to Yongji Zhejiang Nanxun production base, visit the factory , To understand the production situation, inspection of the floor quality of every detail. Every time the study, Ni Ping are sincerely pleased and expressed the quality of Yongji floor praise and love,
and said, "I mobilize our family and friends are shop Yongji wood floor, I dare say it is good, because I understand the business and products , I have to be responsible for a certain sense of responsibility. "Quality reputation of the country," a brand is not enough to change the entire industry,
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