Contains wooden furniture Shenzhen standard certification st

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Contains wooden furniture Shenzhen standard certification st

Příspěvekod quangongzi » 17 črc 2017 11:23

<P>Just past the Dragon Boat Festival holiday, the city a number of large home stores in the commodity discount on the basis of the introduction of the full consumption of gifts,<a href=''>Amazon sillas de playa que ponen plano</a> luck and other activities, not only that, businesses have highlighted the scene package dumplings, making sachets and other traditional Chinese cultural elements and many Customer interaction, has been welcomed.</P>
<P>Dragon Boat Festival small holiday period, the city's large-scale home stores in a number of Chinese furniture booth layout was ancient rhyme long. Guqin guzheng playing in the soothing background music atmosphere, can be seen everywhere dragon boat, dumplings,<a href=''>Suéter de secado comerciantes de secado</a> wormwood and other traditional cultural ornaments ornaments. Some home stores also invite customers to participate in bag dumplings and make sachets and other manual activities. Many young parents and children are happier at the scene.</P>
<P>In addition, some of the live promotions of incense and dried flowers products by different age customers love. Reporters saw a dry bouquet shape resembles the colorful Zongye,<a href=''>dark blue folding camping chairs</a> each price less than 10 yuan, inexpensive to attract a lot of customers. At the same time, air conditioning blankets, linen mats and some summer cool household items also by holiday business discounts.</P>

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