that strengthening the internal management

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that strengthening the internal management

Příspěvekod quangongzi » 21 bře 2017 04:17

the workshop "bang when, rattle when" sounded the sound of the floor off the assembly line. From that moment on, the reporter felt deeply, Chen Ming board staff was so enthusiastic, so active work. After an in-depth interview, the reporter found that strengthening the internal management, bringing the enthusiasm of the staff,
bringing the vitality of the enterprise. Liu Shusen, chairman of the company that enterprises want to win in the fierce competition in the market, relying on quality products, and quality products need to regulate the management, and only management work grasp the fine, in order to improve quality, reduce costs and enhance Market Competitiveness.
Chenming plate grasp management, dig potential, first of all from the logistics began. Recently, with the rise in fuel prices, transportation costs continue to rise, relying on the past, a single Qiyun has been far from being able to meet the needs of business. To this end, Liu Shusen logistics management as a breakthrough,
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