Carry out road pouring jobs Road safety traffic

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Carry out road pouring jobs Road safety traffic

Příspěvekod zhangxiaosan » 13 zář 2016 01:33

<p>Now experiencing low temperatures, rain and snow and more impact on the climate, it caused some damage to the road is the conversion of the winter season, asphalt pavement.To improve the road traffic environment and driving comfort, Zhenjiang Road station to seize the favorable opportunity of the spring, the elaboration of minor repairs and maintenance work plan, step by step, there are plans to arrange repair work on roads under the jurisdiction.</p>
<p>March 14 morning,organization of the city of urban highway station conservation officers and city emergency response center personnel to S338 to carry out a large area of the South Xu Avenue pouring jobs.To ensure the quality of construction, the pouring operation to increase specialized machinery and equipment investment, invested over 30 million yuan to introduce import asphalt pavement expanding irrigation sewing machine and sewing machine.</p>
<p>the job full use of the fine weather, consider avoiding rush hour traffic.In pouring construction, municipal emergency center and technical personnel to implement supervision and management, full participation, on-site guidance, sub-sections, to finish the work, improve quality, and ensure that the seam will be filling, pouring Symbio, on the road longitudinal joints, transverse joints taking sewing machine cutting expansion blower soot blowing, irrigation sewing machine repair, a series of basic processes lime protection, operation, and pouring uniform width, thick, beautiful shape, to ensure smooth road after pouring neat,The pouring pouring glue job sharing more than 1 ton, complete pouring over 3000 meters, effectively reducing the trunk road surface disease, improved trunk road traffic index.</p>

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