Solid wood flooring - natural and practical environmental st

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Solid wood flooring - natural and practical environmental st

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<p>Solid wood flooring is divided into three layers of parquet, multi-layer parquet, the new parquet three, because it is different from the tree species laminated laminated, so to overcome the shortcomings of solid wood flooring unidirectional, dry Shrinkage expansion rate is small,<a href="">cheap outdoor fence</a> with good dimensional stability, and retain the wood floor of the natural wood grain and comfortable foot feeling. In this case,Solid wood flooring both solid wood flooring and aesthetics of the stability of laminate flooring stability, but also has the environmental advantages,Outdoor floor cost-effective new parquet, wood flooring industry should be the development trend. In this case,</p>

<p>The raw material for cork products is the bark of oaks grown along the Mediterranean coast. People are most familiar with the cork products is the wine bottle cork, badminton head and so on.<a href="">wpc wall panel</a> Its main features are light weight, large buoyancy, strong flexibility, flexibility,Environmentally wood-plastic materials compression, impermeability, moisture corrosion, poor conductivity, thermal insulation, insulation, abrasion, non-flammable,delayed fire spread, will not cause allergies reaction.</p>

<p>Cork is another major purpose is to make the floor. With the cork processing into the floor, to meet the people on the floor warm, soft, sound, low noise requirements, especially the sound insulation of cork flooring is more prominent.<a href="">WPC flooring</a> Insiders said that the cork flooring is environmentally friendly, moisture-proof, wear-resistant, good flame resistance, not afraid of insects and foot comfort and other advantages, the glass fell to the cork floor will not break.outdoor garden decking However, the price of cork flooring a lot of money, so that only a certain economic strength of consumers will accept it, that "noble" stalls to discourage ordinary consumers.</p>

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