How to pick flooring

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How to pick flooring

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<P> The main index composite wood floor there are five: formaldehyde emission, table and machining accuracy and surface abrasion, thickness swelling, shock-resistant floor. In this connection the following five aspects to talk about how to choose laminate flooring. </p>
<P> 1, formaldehyde emission: </p>
<P> formaldehyde emission composite wood floor refers to the environmental index. Formaldehyde is a composite wood flooring adhesive used in the production process was essential, but also the most important pollutants. The current national standard of formaldehyde release is the release of 1.5 mg per 100 grams. </p>
<P> 2, and the degree of wear table: </p>
<P> national standard: home two composite wood flooring wear rotation must be greater than 4000 rpm, a household wood flooring wear rotation must be greater than 6,000 rpm, public laminate flooring wear rotation must be greater than 9000 rpm . </p>
<P> 3, thickness swelling: </p>
<P> This is one of the most important technical indicators laminate flooring. Thickness swelling level is an important factor in determining whether the composite wood floor will deform after damp. Thickness swelling high, wood flooring moisture resistance backward; low thickness swelling, like most quality laminate flooring. Overall, wood flooring in peacetime or do most to avoid water use. </p>
<P> 4, the floor machining accuracy: </p>
<P> Take two wood flooring pieces together. Hand-for-seam height difference; there are knowledge of touch Compare Compare exhausted. The difference between the brand should be apparent from the rigor splicing gap can be seen laminate flooring is good or bad. </p>
<P> 5, the surface impact resistance: </p>
<P> This is also an important indicator of quality laminate flooring. This refers to the diameter of the traces left in the same condition after the laminate floor by the impact of the ball, this value is smaller. That the product impact resistance stronger. Consumers should try to choose laminate flooring in select large brands, history, good service and good reputation of the brand floor, this is the real worry choice. </p>>

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