The laminate flooring consists of four layers.

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The laminate flooring consists of four layers.

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The first layer: wear layer. Mainly composed of Al2O3 (aluminum oxide) composition, has a strong wear resistance and hardness, some by the melamine composition of the laminate flooring can not meet the standard requirements.
The second layer: decorative layer. Is a layer of paper impregnated with melamine resin, the paper printed with imitation precious tree species of wood grain or other patterns.
The third layer: grass-roots level. Is a medium density or high density laminate. The high temperature, high pressure treatment, a certain degree of moisture, flame retardant properties, the basic material is wood fiber.
The fourth layer: balance layer. It is a layer of kraft paper, a certain strength and thickness, and soaked with resin, play a moisture-proof role of the deformation of the floor.
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