former flooring products

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former flooring products

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2, technology and product quality management system: "Lay watch, experts see Road", the current flooring industry recognized international quality management system certification ISO series mainly for the purchase of the former flooring products manufacturers access to relevant qualification and production certification, free deck designs for mobile homes can effectively guarantee that consumers get real green floor product. 3, look at the brand: Wood flooring market various brands emerging, industry experts recommend choosing flooring brand from the brand's history, sales commitment, and many visits.

Brand history in more than fifteen years,No deformation wood fence pickets as a national distributor of basic layout, its product quality after-sales commitment to achieve fifteen years, will undoubtedly provide consumers with effective quality assurance and comprehensive after-sales service.

Floor levels of formaldehyde solution:composite fence plan chemical purification method Currently, Formaldehyde Scavenger market is divided into two, one is by the formaldehyde and produce harmless substances ways to purify the air; the other is closed by formaldehyde to prevent volatilization of formaldehyde to purify the air. Formaldehyde Scavenger Formaldehyde is also an effective method for absorption.

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