The main classification of roller

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The main classification of roller

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<h3>Hydrostatic roller</h3>
<p>Mechanically own gravity, for a variety of compaction, dense the laminated layer by permanent deformation. Divided into steel wheel and tire types.</p>
<h3>Steel Wheel Roller</h3>
<p>Runner wheel construction divided into light grind, slot grind and groove sheep-foot grind. Light grind the most common, mainly for pavement compaction. Driven by mechanical or hydraulic, It can concentrate on the protruding portion, high compaction flatness, suitable for the compaction of asphalt pavement.</p>
<p>According to the shaft arrangement there is single shaft single wheel, double shafts double wheel, three shafts three wheels, etc. With internal combustion and engine as power,driven by mechanical or hydraulic. Usually the front wheel steering, with good mobility, rear-wheel drive. In order to improve the steering and rolling performance, we should adopt the structure articulated steering and all-wheel drive. Hinged front frame and chassis to reduce body swing by unsmooth pavement. Hydraulic control, hydraulic steering cylinder control.</p>
<p>Drums are equipped with front and rear scraper to remove the adhesive substance on Drums. When the sprinkler system is also equipped for the compaction of asphalt pavement on DRUM Sprinklers to prevent the adhesion of asphalt mixture. The force can be increased to fitted iron, sand, water, etc. in the DRUM increase weights.</p>
<p>The main technical parameters of steel wheel roller is the machine weight and line pressure. Machine's weight range of steel wheel roller at 80’s is about: the two wheel roller: 2 to 13 tons, three wheel roller: 1 to 15 tons, according to need it can be pressurized heavy 1 to 3 tons, triaxial three wheel: 13 to 14 tons , after added weight pressure is 18 to 19 tons.</p>
<h3>Tired roller</h3>
<p>Runner wheel adapt pneumatic tire, front wheels 3 to 5, the rear wheels 4-6. Such as changes in air pressure can change the contact pressure, the pressure regulator in the range of 0.11 to 1.05 MPa. Tire roller adapt hydraulic, mechanical or hydraulic drive system, a single-axis drive or full, wide-base tires articulated frame structure three-point support. There is rubbing action during compaction process , so compacted layer with embedded particles without destroying and uniform dense. Good mobility, fast line speed (up to 25 km / h) for roads, suitable for airports and other projects bedding compaction.</p>

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