Introduction of Stainless Steel Shaped Tubes

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Introduction of Stainless Steel Shaped Tubes

Příspěvekod zhangxiaosan » 26 kvě 2017 03:41

Stainless steel shaped tube is different from the stainless steel tube, square tube and rectangular tube outside the existence, also known as stainless steel shaped tube, shaped stainless steel tube. Commonly used special-shaped tube are:2507 Super Duplex Stainless Steel Round Bar Stainless steel elliptical tube, stainless steel flat oval tube; Stainless steel groove tube, is divided into single tube tube, tube double slot, square tube single slot, square tube double slot, rectangular tube single and double slot, oval tube single slot;ansi 316 schedule 40 stainless steel forged fitting Stainless steel semi - circular tube, stainless steel bread tube, stainless steel arched tube;Stainless steel triangular tube, stainless steel hexagonal tube;
Stainless steel cone tube, stainless steel fan tube, stainless steel trapezoidal tube;Stainless steel plum blossom tube, is divided into six-sided plum tube, cross plum tube, surrounded by plum tube. In addition, there are some cross-sectional shapes can not describe or describe the inaccurate, need to look at drawings or sample production.304 пятно менее стальной катушки в Китае

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