Flooring industry next year

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Flooring industry next year

Příspěvekod zhangxiaosan » 25 dub 2016 03:29

Chongqing flooring industry event. Allegedly, as a required accessory floor baseboard using previously presented, consumers can go out and buy a floor, composite and plywood foam sandwich panels businesses will naturally free distribution corresponding baseboard. But this raises the question: skirting the merits of the enemy, the quality is difficult to guarantee.

Allegedly, this is the most consumer complaints in recent years, local. To solve this problem the industry, over the years to crack consumption "practice", the initiative of all Flooring Association member units do not sell poor quality baseboard, baseboard and high charges.exterior wood panels wholesale Allegedly, the main city baseboard flooring brands have begun to charge this year, April 1, district market was late May to the floor skirting charges.

Baseboard previous charge, now a separate charge, would not allow consumers to pay for it? In this regard, Peng Jianming said: "Our emphasis is on quality baseboard charge, so you can eliminate poor-quality baseboard, life assurance and quality after floor installation, white porch deck board derry in order to protect the interests of consumers, improve the grade of the entire flooring industry and level. this is the 'Harmonious consumption' is an important part.

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