stainless steel commonly used cold forming method

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stainless steel commonly used cold forming method

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Curved forming cold bending is widely used in stainless steel sheet and strip made parts. Punch is basically a single-action, mechanical or hydraulic drive, there is a long table. The machine can only produce linear parts, but skilled tool designers can also use the machine to produce complex parts of the shape.China Stainless Steel Sheet Coil Grade 201 202 The length of the parts produced by the cold bending press depends on the original type and thickness of the stainless steel as well as the power of the machine and the size of the tool that can be installed. Some large presses such as 11 meters long, the standard 900 tons of cold bending presses, can produce a length of 9m, thickness of 8.0mm austenitic stainless steel cold bending parts.304 Titanium Mirror Brushed Stainless Steel Plate In order to minimize the abrasion of stainless steel, the cold-bending tool is usually made of hot-working die steel with a chromium content of 12%, and a plastic film can be used as a further protective measure. The use of cold molds for general-purpose molds is very economical to produce small quantities of common components, but if special molds are used to produce special shaped parts, large quantities are required to reduce mold processing costs to meet their economy.������ѧӧ�ڧ� ����ԧܧ�� ���ԧݧ֧��էڧ���� ����ѧݧ�

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