sales revenue such as wooden bamboo floor

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sales revenue such as wooden bamboo floor

Příspěvekod zhangxiaosan » 21 bře 2017 04:58

<p>Recently, eyebrow hill city decided forestry develops 925 struggling target: </p>
<p>Arrived 2011 2015, eyebrow hill city is annual afforestation 60 thousand mus of above, black wood fencethe forest enclothes rate stability to be in 43% above, preliminary building more complete silvan zoology system. </p>
<p>Main body of system of collective Lin Quan and reform of form a complete set are finished basically,cheap farm fencing price in Australia forestry productivity gets be emancipatoried further. Forestry industry grows quickly, industrial structure is optimized ceaselessly, ground of Lin Ji of raw material of wooden bamboo industry achieves 2.3 million mus,garden fencing trellis among them Lin Da of woodiness industry raw material goes to 1.3 million mus, stability of base of raw material forest is in bamboo qualitative industry 1 million mus of above. Man-made board year productivity achieves 500 thousand stere, bamboo pulp year productivity achieves 250 thousand tons, furniture 1.2 million (cover) , industry of wooden bamboo treatment achieves sales revenue 10 billion yuan. Income of silvan zoology travel achieves 1 billion yuan.How to Build a Basic Wooden Bench Seat Implementation forestry total production value sixteen billion one hundred and twenty-two million yuan (2010 8.75 billion, annual 13% increase by degrees, achieve sixteen billion one hundred and twenty-two million yuan of) to 2015, the per capita that the farmer obtains from inside forestry exceeds 773 yuan. </p>

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